Why Eat More Real Food?

No matter how technically advanced we are, our digestive system hasn’t adapted as quickly. Just think about that. We’ve developed blenders, refrigerators, and microwaves without really thinking about the consequences. Our stomach doesn’t know how to properly digest “blended” food that was swallowed without being chewed, and our bodies don’t know how to keep us healthy when we’re eating a processed food diet…even the “healthy” processed food products like protein bars and “probiotic” yogurt. Eat more REAL food, not more food products.

The billion dollar industry of marketing food products has made it very difficult to know what is healthy and what isn’t. Governments haven’t made it any easier by recommending a low-fat and low-salt diet, without looking at the real culprits in our diet; refined sugar and the processing of food. Our health is in decline and diseases caused by diet (diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc) are on the rise.

“If a food says it’s healthy, it probably isn’t”

Whole foods are the key to health. Eat food your grandmother or your great-grandmother would recognize. Go back at least 60 years, to a time where Type II Diabetes was rare, and not seen in children like it is today.



Why Holistic Nutrition?

My favourite thing about (w)holistic nutrition is the individual approach. No one is put into a box, regardless of their condition. Each person must be treated differently and uniquely because we are all unique individuals. I may have similar symptoms as another person, but how I developed these symptoms and how I will heal is unique to me. We literally are what we eat, digest, and assimilate.

I focus on creating and maintaining a strong and healthy digestive system, as this is the core of a healthy body. Digestive issues (bloating, gas, pain, constipation, diarrhea, IBS, etc.) and bad eating habits can lead to eczema, seasonal allergies, food sensitivities, weight gain, immune issues, as well as many other issues.

Always remember that you are unique and never be allowed to be put into a box. Enjoy your journey to health and wellness.

Yours in health,
Lisa Kilgour, RHN


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