Welcome to my site!

Thanks for taking some time to explore my website. I hope you find a few things that interest you :).

I have mission/passion, and that’s to help people find ways to take better care of themselves. Why? Because every time we do something healthy for ourselves we feel a little bit better. And when we feel a little bit better we then have a little bit more energy to make another person feel a little bit better too. Taking care of ourselves in little ways everyday can be a catalyst for a healthier community.

Today we are being starved of connection, and this is a fundamental part of our “humanness”. Symptoms of disconnection are depression, anxiety, and addictions. Many of our addictions aren’t to things we normally think of as classic addictions, like to drugs or alcohol. But they’re parts of our everyday lives, like addictions to our phones, TV, the internet, and shopping. Research is finding that all addictions come from the same place – disconnection.

So, I want to help us all come back together by helping you learn how to take care of yourself a little bit better. Many of us want to eat better, exercise more, etc…but they live in a pile of heavy and scary “shoulds”. I SHOULD eat better, I SHOULD go to the gym. Actually accomplishing these shoulds can seem overwhelmingly daunting.

But, many of us are simply lacking the tools to do this! Without the right tools we struggle with making a healthy meal, or with the self-discipline to exercise regularly. We didn’t learn them as kids so we need to learn them now. You’re just missing the right tools :). I can help you learn these tools.

I also LOVE a good puzzle, and I specialize in a really fun puzzle; digestion and the gut/brain connection. I’ve worked with many hundreds of people with difficult digestive issues and have helped get them back on track. If you’ve worked with multiple practitioners but are still dealing with bloating, gas, pain, and/or irregularity…I’d LOVE to dive into your personal digestive puzzle and help get you back on track.

One last thing, you may notice that digestion and self-care are missing from my website. Well, that’s my fault, and I’m working on fixing this. In the next few months you’ll see more articles, info, workshops, podcasts, and webinars on these topics and others. My website is in the midst of a grand overhaul, so check back regularly to find new treats.

And please remember, every little nice thing you do for yourself, even if it feels very small or insignificant, is helping to change our culture at its core. It’s important, please don’t stop :). I believe that by taking care of ourselves we can reach out and take care of each other better.

And most importantly, please enjoy your journey to health and wellness!

Yours in health,
Lisa Kilgour, Nutritionist